Wednesday, November 7, 2007

plain old week

i have some big news .my brother Joshau got a concussion when riding a quad in fiagstaff with friend and speaking of flagstaff my mom and dad are there right now and now i am stuck with grandma Ginger and grampa John. jk.


VICKIE said...

Wow Emily what a beautiful picture of you. Your Grandma Ginger and Grandpa John have been keeping me posted about your brother Joshua. I'm so glad he is doing a little better and just taking it slow will help him on his healing. You will have fun at Grandma Ginger and Grandpa John's house as you always do. Love you and hugs coming your way...

Anonymous said...

You are so cute Emily.

Devin said...

Well I hope Joshua gets better.
Glad to see you posting.
God bless. -Devin

Ginger said...

Yes...Joshua is doing much better and he is remembering some of the time up to the accident that he had forgotten.

We had lots of fun with Emily, Justin and Joshua this week while their parents were taking a vacation up in Flagstaff.

RCR said...

hey emily!
i love that pic of u
u look sooooo pretty!
i love the joke too.
how do u do that?