Wednesday, May 6, 2009


hey everyone well nothing that exiting has been going on i just got home from school which was a half day so i got out of school at twelve o five and i usally get out at three thirty then i got home and watched some telivision. and we just got a new rug and the boys and my dad are moveing it around as my mom is supervising thats really all we've been up to. so bye

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

hey everyone i just woke up and got ready for school and now i'm watting for grandma Ginger to come pick me up and take me to school. my school starts at 8:45 and my brothers school starts at eight o'clock and seven fifty o'clock.and my school ends at three thirty. well grandma is back so bye for now

Monday, May 4, 2009

hello everyone i just got so messy because i was helping my brother , joshuau making a pinatta it was so messy i still have strong wood glue all along my arms also i'm at grandma's house again with my two brothers and cuz , Jenifer. well i don't have much more to say ,but see you tomarro ................. maybe!! BYE

Sunday, May 3, 2009

i'm back!!!!!!!!!!!!! For the first time in a year

i can't believe i'm typing this again.well i'm going to try to keep blogging as long as i can if i stop deleting it after i type it. ok well i am now eleven years old i am in track and i really love it i just had a track meet on friday May 1 and i got second place.well there is three weeks of school left!!!!!!!!i just can't wait for the summer because first i am going to Idaho then straight from there i am going to Oregon to see all my wonderful cousins but we have to dive up there and to Idaho and Oegon!!!!!!! it's going to be a long dive.Also i just went to cosco and had some pizza then granma Ginger went to shop.After that we came home and i beet grandpa John at the game called sorry he was pretty mad but over all he was a good sport.well thats pretty much alli have been doing so see ya later. oh p.s. i got new glasess and it seems like we have a new world. well bye

Saturday, January 12, 2008

i know what your thinking she hasn't written in a while,but i can tell u y.well first there was winter break then in winter break was chirstmas then i played at home for a few weeks plus today we went to justin's football game then we eat lunch at Fuddruckers annnd thats all

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

plain old week

i have some big news .my brother Joshau got a concussion when riding a quad in fiagstaff with friend and speaking of flagstaff my mom and dad are there right now and now i am stuck with grandma Ginger and grampa John. jk.