Sunday, May 3, 2009

i'm back!!!!!!!!!!!!! For the first time in a year

i can't believe i'm typing this again.well i'm going to try to keep blogging as long as i can if i stop deleting it after i type it. ok well i am now eleven years old i am in track and i really love it i just had a track meet on friday May 1 and i got second place.well there is three weeks of school left!!!!!!!!i just can't wait for the summer because first i am going to Idaho then straight from there i am going to Oregon to see all my wonderful cousins but we have to dive up there and to Idaho and Oegon!!!!!!! it's going to be a long dive.Also i just went to cosco and had some pizza then granma Ginger went to shop.After that we came home and i beet grandpa John at the game called sorry he was pretty mad but over all he was a good sport.well thats pretty much alli have been doing so see ya later. oh p.s. i got new glasess and it seems like we have a new world. well bye

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Ginger said...

Yes Emily it was a fun day with you. Love having you over and get to see more of you, Justin and Joshua this week because your dad will be at Preacher's retreat and your mom is working. Thank you so much for helping me make up the party favor boxes for Sheri's baby shower this Saturday. You did so good at the track meet! Your trip to Idaho and Oregon are going to be lots of fun. Awesome!!!! Love you Grandma Ginger